Breaking News: New Criminal On the Loose, Pt One

Now that the old criminal, Barbara Simpson, has been caught, a new criminal is on the loose…

It starts when a seemingly normal businessman is walking to his car after a long day of work. He gets to his car and suddenly hears an ear piercing yelp. He waited a few more minutes and heard nothing more. He continued his way home and heard another yelping sound, which seemed to  be coming from a yellow-tan house he always passed by on the way home from work. He came home late, and a guest was there for dinner at his house. His wife told him that this guest was a policeman off-duty and needed somewhere to eat dinner. Really, this was one of the many undercover agents going from house-to-house learning about the people. Another policeman heard the yelping sounds and sent some undercover agents to investigate. The “guest” asked the family if they heard some yelping sounds, but they all said they didn’t hear anything. Then the “businessman” spoke up. He said; “Yes, sir. I did hear some peculiar sounds coming from that house over there. About two houses down, the tan and yellow one.” The policeman replied; “Really? I’ll investigate then. Thanks for telling me…” The family said thier goodbyes to the policeman, probably relieved he had gone. Relieved? Why? Only because these were the actual criminals themselves. James Fredrickson, the “businessman”, immediately ran out to his hideaway, the yellow-tan house. He then took some puppies he had trapped, with no food, no water, and no escape, out of their cramped cage stuffed with little puppies. He then took the puppies, tied rags around them like clothes, and hung them on a clothes rack outside. Puppy torture. None of us saw this terrible crime, but when the police undercover agent, Jack Michaelson, was leaving the house of the criminal, he looked through the front window of the house, and saw that, just when Jack left, James walked to another room of the house. Jack was in the house before dinner, looking around, and said he recalled there being a room with a large four-foot tall safe in it. This must have been where the criminal was going. The safe was probably a secret door to unlock a manual elevator room, which, when you go down the elevator, goes down to secret tunnels James dug, then into the house he keeps his puppies he probably kidnapped, and is now torturing for no apparent reason. None of these tunnels were actually found, we just know there are some. This is even more of a reason to be against the criminal, because he must have hid them very well. And only the worst criminals have such good skill.

This story will be continued, once Jack Michaelson gets a warrant to break into the criminal’s house and arrest him. Check back in for part two, Breaking News: New Criminal On the Loose, Pt Two.

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