Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird, Pt One

This may be surprising to you that we have an article about birds on Pupso and Pupsi, but reporters had to write something about this terrifying story, because these policeman are insane!

Recently, reporters have been looking everywhere to get an exciting story for Pupso and Pupsi, but sadly, we couldn’t find anything about dogs. Just when the reporters gave up, they heard a bird squawking like crazy. But the real thing that was crazy was the person with the bird. The reporters immediately got onto the scene. They watched someone through the window. But this wasn’t someone. When they saw the person turn around, they saw the eyes of a snake! The reporters were shocked. They started recording it live to television. Some others took pictures. They didn’t know who that was or what was going on, but this was just  the exciting story they needed. Soon, crowds gathered, all they saw was the “snake lady” pre-heating her oven in her normal looking home. The crowd started to leave. Then, soon after, she brought the same bird that the reporters heard squawking. It was a cockatiel bird, trapped in a cage. She then opened the small cage door, pulled the bird out in her claws, and stuffed the bird in the oven! Lucky for the bird, it was still pre-heating. (Snakes can’t see well, they mostly feel vibrations. Since the “snake lady” could only feel vibrations, she had no sense of time, and therefore didn’t know if the oven was still pre-heating or not.) The bird flew around the oven, hitting the sides, falling down, then flying around the small oven again. It had no escape. Someone in the crowd stopped to think and called the police. The police arrived immediately and told the crowd; “We can’t help the bird. Unless it’s an emergency, we can’t break into the house, snake lady or not.” The police surely did not understand. The crowd stood silent. Many were bird lovers. Even the ones who were not were terrified for the poor and defenseless bird, in the oven. Then, one among the crowd, suddenly yelled out; “We are going to help this bird! That snake thing is clearly not a citizen! We are going to get into that house and SAVE THAT BIRD!” The crowd cheered. The man broke into the house, ran to the snake lady’s kitchen, and opened the oven. The bird flew out as quick as he was freed. The snake lady then grabbed the man and bit him on the thumb. The crowd was silent. The person, hardly able to move, grabbed the window, opened it, and the bird flew straight out. The police arrived. They came into the kitchen and the officer said; “Arrest it at once. It makes me sick…” The people cheered, until they saw that the police grabbed the man who saved the bird, rather than the snake! The crowd was once again, silent. Then, an old woman yelled out; “I’m the king o’ Switzerland!” The police ignored her and went on, arresting the poor man. Literally poor, for when they checked the man’s records, the paper was crossed out and written huge on it “Poor”. How will this innocent man be freed from his prison cell? Are these policemen real ones?

Here is a picture of the evil snake lady, hissing at the crowd:


Come read more next time, for the continued story of “Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird…

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