Breaking News: New Criminal On the Loose, Pt Two

This is part two of the story “Breaking News: New Criminal On the Loose, Pt One. If you haven’t read Pt One, click here to do so now.

After proving that James was a criminal, Jack Michaelson, the undercover agent, came with a warrant to James’ house and arrested him immediately. Of course, there was no court case, because Jack was so trusted, and also because anybody could see James is a terrible criminal. The court to get a warrant, held by Jack, had a very trustworthy judge. You can obviously see that the judge is very smart, because he approved of Jack going into James house and arresting him. But wouldn’t anyone approve of the arrest? Shockingly, no. There was actually a mob of people, including James’ wife, trying to prove the criminal innocent. They were soon stopped and all arrested, by Jack and his team of police. The police had long since gone and rescued the puppies from the torture rack that James hung them on. The puppies were never seen on the rack, because when the police arrived to help them, they were already free, with a mother dog. The gallant mother dog must have heard her puppies cries and helped them. Eight puppies in all, still healthy and clean, were with their mother, sleeping tightly.  Since none of the puppies were seen on the rack, or seen being put on the rack, we had a policeman draw a picture of what it might have looked like. Here it is.


Here you can see the puppies, terrified, in the picture Michael Quick, a policeman, drew to show what it might have looked like when the puppies were hanging on a clothes rack as torture by James Fredrickson.

Soon, the puppies got a new owner. Mikey Michaelson, a trustworthy five-year-old boy, son of the policeman Jack Michaelson. The puppies are three girls and five boy pups, named Pupsi, Tu Tu, Flimsy, Giant, Clumso, Picky, Nu Nu, and See. The mother of the eight puppies was named Attack Dog, for her protective and alert behavior for her puppies. After all, the puppies found a nice home and stayed with their mother.

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