Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird, Pt Two

This is the continued story of “Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird Part One”. If you have not read part one of this story, click here to do so now.

Now that Jack Wilson, the poor man in part one of this story, is arrested, there have been angry mobs lurking around the city, waiting to jump out on the unjust policemen who put Jack in prison. The city has gone crazy, and now no one can trust each other. People are in rage for the arrest of Jack, family or not, and are constantly accusing each other of being undercover policeman. Now, nobody can just go to the market without them being jumped on or their car being assaulted by random people. If someone decides to go on a short walk, they will be jumped on and attacked with sticks. Some policeman (not the ones that arrested Jack) are going out into town to stop these terrible attacks. One sees somebody attacking another civilian and rushes to the scene. The policeman tries to pull apart the fight, but cannot do it alone. He calls for backup. More police soon come and try to pull the people apart but are bitten by the crazy man. This person seemed to not have a stick, but instead used his teeth to attack others. Chaos fills the city.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, the snake lady reappears again. Herds of angry mobs rush there, stampeding over the police, before the police can process what’s going on. They all start biting the snake lady and once it is hurt, some police run out of nowhere and pull apart the angry mob. The mob recognizes these police. These are the ones who arrested Jack! They start fighting back in a rage. The police that arrested jack then pay each person in the mob $200! Where do they get all this money? But, the mobsters do not accept and one says; “In change er its nothin’ to us. And make sure them are shiny change too!” The evil police then take out their wallets and spill out mounds of change onto the street! Where do they get it all? The mobsters then take straws and suck up the change into their mouths. One of them announces; “Mmmm. That’s some good, shiny moneys”. The police report back to base and discuss the case with their boss. One of them, probably the boss, says; “Find those “Policemen”, and bring em’ to me…”

Come read more next time, for the continued story of “Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird…

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