Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird, Pt Three

This is the continued story of “Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird Pt, One” and Pt Two. Click Here to see Pt One. Click Here to see Pt Two.

Now, policemen are searching for clues of the imposter police. They have been searching for weeks now and found nothing. Then, one day, while the policemen are on lunch break, they see a criminal robbing a bank! They run to the scene, armed and ready. They grab the criminal by the back and say; “Hello, have you seen some policemen running around town, besides us, one has sort of a short beard an—“ The policeman stopped, they saw them, running, right there! They jumped into their car and started the chase. The policemen were about to grab the criminals, but then the criminals crawled into the sewers, where the car could not go. One of the criminals, while closing the manhole, said; “See ya in sewa’ land!”, chuckling.

Soon after, the police sent  a team of experts to catch the criminals. They wore protective gloves and suits to keep out  the sludge and waste in the sewer. The team of experts started their journey into the disgusting sewers. They opened up the manhole that the criminals had went down and started climbing down the ladder. Once they got down, they tried to stay out of the sludge, but it was covering the whole place. Although they were not exactly allowed by the police because “It was too dangerous”, cameramen and reporters went down to see the place themselves. Then, the police suddenly heard yelling and laughter. It was the criminals, having a birthday party. But for who?

The experts watched them (the criminals) from around a corner, wondering what they were doing and who was the “Birthday person”. The experts were only experts at exploring sewers and knowing which way is safe to go through the tunnels of the sewer, so they could not confront the criminals and arrest them. rather, they drew a map on which way to go to get to the hideout of the criminals and gave it to the police once the experts got back up from the sewers. The police got on their gear, weapons, flashlights, special suits and masks, then went on their way to the dirty, dark, and stinky abyss of the world: The sewers. They followed the map, every step of the way, all looking into the paper which would lead them. Then, from up above, some sewer sludge fell on top of a policeman’s hat. They looked up, and saw a criminal climbing on the ceiling! The sewer sludge that fell must have fell off the criminals boot. The policeman shone his flashlight up. It was an ambush! The criminals jumped down with a piercing battle cry screech. Some came down on ropes, some jumped into the sewer “river” then came out, covered in disgusting sludge. They started biting the police with their dirty, neglected teeth. The police decided they were too strong, even though the police had guns, the criminals teeth pierced and hurt the police too much.

The police managed to handcuff one of the criminals, but were driven out by the bites of the other criminals. The police ran out of the sewer system and reported back to base with the captured criminal. The criminal that was captured will be interrogated, then thrown into jail. The court has already been held, the police can do whatever they want with the captured criminal. The major interrogation has not been held yet, but the police managed to get this out of the criminal: He is a male. He likes ice cream. His name is – according to him –  Bartholomew Baker. He is also a gem trader and has gotten very rich with his working.

Come read more next time, for the continued story of “Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird…

One comment on “Recent Story: Snake Lady Tries to Eat Bird, Pt Three

  1. CQ says:

    What a funny but disgusting story. It sounded like a smelly awful place to be. Where did you come up with this idea?
    I am ready for a clean, lovely story. How about it?
    BTW I heard somebody in Ohio is missing you and your brother.

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