Recent Story: Penguins Acting Strange, Pt One

This is part one of “Recent Story: Penguins Acting Strange”, to see part two, click here.

Recently, penguins around the world have been acting strange. Several emperor penguins have been going on rampages, attacking scientists. “Little penguins”, a type of small penguin, are going around in groups, swarms, jumping on random citizens, pecking and biting. Scientists managed to trap one in a cage and are examining it. They find that there is no difference between the DNA of the crazy penguin and a sample from penguins before the crazy ones. They are stumped. Why are these penguins attacking? What are they angry about?

Scientists around the world are researching penguins from around the world. All of the penguins have gone on rampage and all of them are very angry. Scientists have a theory: Sometimes when scientists go out to Antarctica, they run out of food and are stranded on the icy continent. Penguins are the most plump and easiest thing to catch in the frozen desert. The scientists eat the penguins to survive. After all, it’s the only food source they have.

But if only we could prove the scientist’s theory. Then we would know for sure. But how? We can’t just ask a penguin! Or can we? That’s right, scientists are going to build a machine to read the mind waves of penguins, then change them into sound! Genius! But are penguins smart enough? Past tests of scientists have proven that penguins are not smart enough to talk if they had the vocal ability. But maybe these rampaging penguins are. After all, they have been joining together and attacking people. Maybe they have evolved since the past tests. Maybe they are as smart as a human being! They may even be able to build machines if they are that smart! But if they can, they could build machines to use against us! They could start a war, the war, the Great Penguin War!

Was it something they ate? Was it evolution? Come back next time for more on “Recent Story: Penguins Acting Strange”

One comment on “Recent Story: Penguins Acting Strange, Pt One

  1. CQ says:

    Such a shocking story! I thought penguins were realatively docile creatures. They are too cute to behave this way. I will follow this story as it develops. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I wonder if the penguins are planning to take over the world……

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