Site News: Pupso and Pupsi Officially Leaving Temporarily

Pupsi and I are leaving for a while, and we are going to take a break on our site. We are gonna go around picking people’s nos  going to a secret location hidden in a rainforest with lots of birds to chase and all.

Reader of Pupso and Pupsi: “Me thinks that since ye bein’ anthropomorphic ye should not be chasin’ all ’em birds and squirrels and whatnot! Ye should be disgraced to have all them human characteristics and use ’em for animal like purposes! You’ve been somehow come to be’s an anthropomorphic animal and ye be disgracin’ the good name o’ bein’ anthropomorphic as an anthropomorphic animal!” Now this reader has taken up a lot of space from this article, let’s get to the real thing after we argue with this weird talking guy by telling him this message: LISTEN JOHN WHATEVER! WE HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU! YOU ARE A RACIST, BOO, BOO! THANK YOU. Okay now to the REAL point of the article.

Okay so anyway, we are going to an island, Pupsi has grown up so fast, she is already 15 (in dog years) and she has already started training. Ahh. I remember training as a puppy. So anyway. Pupso and Pupsi is leaving soon and goodbye, also I’d like to tell you that Pupsi will start writing more on Pupso and Pupsi because she is older now and we will (after our trip) write about our journeys in the rainforest which I don’t know the name of. Some guy just walked over and said, “Hey wanna go to the rainforest?’ And we agreed. He said it would be free. So we are going on some used helicopter to some strange rainforest with some stranger. So I’m in a rush now to get onto the helicopter, Goodbye , Pupso and Pupsi readers! Farewell!

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