Pupso and Pupsi On Vacation (Quest Back Home Pt. 1)

We (Pupso and Pupsi) decided to return home. You may ask why then turn into a large carnivorous primate such as a chimpanzee. Then you may eat your sock and cry. Then yell out “Boo boo bonobos!” and scream. We decided to return home because the stranger that took us to the┬árain forest smelled terrible. So we got onto the plane, but crashed because we have no opposable thumbs and landed in the middle of the ocean and are now sitting in a pile of rubble floating of the shore of an abandoned desert island. But we are going to use our power computer to shoot a powers stream back home and walk on it all the way back.

2 hours later

We used our power computer and are now on the way back home. But the power computer uses the same earth that is on the nearest land and now we have to walk across a desert bridge. We are running low on water and we decided to drink some sea water.

5 minutes later

Pupsi: Pupso drank sea water and went crazy. I told him not to because we already have 500 gallons of drinking water. He jumped into the sea and started drinking. I used my survival rope to pull him up. Then I tried to give him some good water but he was too full of sea water. He also broke he survival rope while I tried to pull him up. It’s supposed to carry 456 pounds. He must have been full of sea water or ┬áreally had to use the bathroom. Actually, they are almost the same thing. Anyway, It’s been about 4 hours. We must be a long way from home.

Come back later for more of our Quest Back Home!