Pupso and Pupsi are Coming Back!

Narrator:After what seemed like years, Pupso and Pupsi have finally returned home! They greet everybody with a hearty “I greet you”, but cannot speak themselves because of their current medical state. They have been traveling on a desert magic bridge and only had 500 pounds of drinking water! And a year’s worth cuisine food! Meatloaf and dog treats and turkey and pasta and pizza and dog treats and meatloaf and…

Pupsi: I don’t know why that narrator is always telling stories… even if we can’t speak, by Bobozeez (BO-BO-ZEEZ), we can still type. Besides, I don’t know what he/was talking about, we aren’t sick at all. We just had to eat a tomato for many reasons, that’s all. I don’t even know what those reasons are… Perhaps I shall ask the doctor one day. Also, recently, an account of the tomatoes, we have gained a British/Scottish accent, and we can’t seem to get rid o’ it. Right now I’m talking’ sco’ish, soon I’ll probably switch to bri’ish. Aye, it be hard t’ undastand ea’ other…

Come back next time for more Pupso and Pupsi!

One comment on “Pupso and Pupsi are Coming Back!

  1. Nana says:

    Welcome back you courageous, wild and crazy puppies! I am looking forward to more of your adventures.

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