Pupso and Pupsi are Back- With a New Website!

Pupso and Pupsi took a long break after their adventure with rainbow things… or something… but either way, they are back with a new website called “The First Paw”. It will have news of animals, investigations and more, just as before, but new and updated.

You can visit The First Paw here: http://thefirstpaw.wordpress.com/

It contains wacky stories and information.


Pupso and Pupsi are Coming Back!

Narrator:After what seemed like years, Pupso and Pupsi have finally returned home! They greet everybody with a hearty “I greet you”, but cannot speak themselves because of their current medical state. They have been traveling on a desert magic bridge and only had 500 pounds of drinking water! And a year’s worth cuisine food! Meatloaf and dog treats and turkey and pasta and pizza and dog treats and meatloaf and…

Pupsi: I don’t know why that narrator is always telling stories… even if we can’t speak, by Bobozeez (BO-BO-ZEEZ), we can still type. Besides, I don’t know what he/was talking about, we aren’t sick at all. We just had to eat a tomato for many reasons, that’s all. I don’t even know what those reasons are… Perhaps I shall ask the doctor one day. Also, recently, an account of the tomatoes, we have gained a British/Scottish accent, and we can’t seem to get rid o’ it. Right now I’m talking’ sco’ish, soon I’ll probably switch to bri’ish. Aye, it be hard t’ undastand ea’ other…

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Pupso and Pupsi On Vacation (Quest Back Home Pt. 1)

We (Pupso and Pupsi) decided to return home. You may ask why then turn into a large carnivorous primate such as a chimpanzee. Then you may eat your sock and cry. Then yell out “Boo boo bonobos!” and scream. We decided to return home because the stranger that took us to the rain forest smelled terrible. So we got onto the plane, but crashed because we have no opposable thumbs and landed in the middle of the ocean and are now sitting in a pile of rubble floating of the shore of an abandoned desert island. But we are going to use our power computer to shoot a powers stream back home and walk on it all the way back.

2 hours later

We used our power computer and are now on the way back home. But the power computer uses the same earth that is on the nearest land and now we have to walk across a desert bridge. We are running low on water and we decided to drink some sea water.

5 minutes later

Pupsi: Pupso drank sea water and went crazy. I told him not to because we already have 500 gallons of drinking water. He jumped into the sea and started drinking. I used my survival rope to pull him up. Then I tried to give him some good water but he was too full of sea water. He also broke he survival rope while I tried to pull him up. It’s supposed to carry 456 pounds. He must have been full of sea water or  really had to use the bathroom. Actually, they are almost the same thing. Anyway, It’s been about 4 hours. We must be a long way from home.

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Pupso and Pupsi’s Latest: Updates

Pupso and Pupsi is getting updates while we are gone. We also regret to tell you that we no longer have a facebook page. You will have to view our posts from the actual site now. We will work on getting our facebook page back. Thank you for listening! We will be back around summertime.

Site News: Pupso and Pupsi Officially Leaving Temporarily

Pupsi and I are leaving for a while, and we are going to take a break on our site. We are gonna go around picking people’s nos  going to a secret location hidden in a rainforest with lots of birds to chase and all.

Reader of Pupso and Pupsi: “Me thinks that since ye bein’ anthropomorphic ye should not be chasin’ all ’em birds and squirrels and whatnot! Ye should be disgraced to have all them human characteristics and use ’em for animal like purposes! You’ve been somehow come to be’s an anthropomorphic animal and ye be disgracin’ the good name o’ bein’ anthropomorphic as an anthropomorphic animal!” Now this reader has taken up a lot of space from this article, let’s get to the real thing after we argue with this weird talking guy by telling him this message: LISTEN JOHN WHATEVER! WE HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU! YOU ARE A RACIST, BOO, BOO! THANK YOU. Okay now to the REAL point of the article.

Okay so anyway, we are going to an island, Pupsi has grown up so fast, she is already 15 (in dog years) and she has already started training. Ahh. I remember training as a puppy. So anyway. Pupso and Pupsi is leaving soon and goodbye, also I’d like to tell you that Pupsi will start writing more on Pupso and Pupsi because she is older now and we will (after our trip) write about our journeys in the rainforest which I don’t know the name of. Some guy just walked over and said, “Hey wanna go to the rainforest?’ And we agreed. He said it would be free. So we are going on some used helicopter to some strange rainforest with some stranger. So I’m in a rush now to get onto the helicopter, Goodbye , Pupso and Pupsi readers! Farewell!

Recent Story: Penguins Acting Strange, Pt Three

Pupso: Last time, we brought up the idea of sentient penguin spies, lurking around the world watching while people use the bathroom. It might sound kind of crazy, but it’s true, read the next paragraph for proof:

Pupsi: About two days ago, March 19th, the government decides they should get down to the situation and really find proof that the penguins are sentient, remember, the government was first against “getting the penguins before they get us”. They send out spies to spy on the penguins, just like how some say the penguins are spying on us. They use high-tech gear, like ***** ****, and **** ********, also another weapon called a ****** ***. The rest is classified information. They plan to hunt the penguins then trap them with a net gun, but if anything goes wrong, they can always use the **** ********. They are still on the hunt today, searching day and night, with only twenty breaks an hour. And worse, all they get to eat is filet mignon, French twists and croissants, and Swiss wine! Terrible conditions!  The government offers to let the spies come back and rest but they say that they are fine staying out on the case! How can they be fine with these terrible things being done to them? And even more terrible! They have to sleep on golden canopy beds! Canopy beds! Can you believe it? Terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible!

Pupso: OK, I’m going to take it from here, Pupsi is getting kind of off track, I think I will continue for her (She wouldn’t let me erase what she wrote though, because she used to be too young to write but now she’s old enough and it is her first, article well, paragraph).

So anyway, back to the spies: The spies are now searching everywhere, some from the USA (Underground Secret Association), some from Swissconsin , some even from Couchland, Home of the Couch Potatoes! (And of course the spies from Couchland are not very energetic, they were left at the dining hall (where the spies eat their cuisine meals) on the first day of spying, they fell asleep there and were not much of a help to the team.) The spies continue searching, and now decide it’s best to split up and return to their home countries to search there for the penguins. It’s very strange because a few days ago, the penguins were everywhere, running around wild, in the streets of cities, but now they are very elusive, as if the species never existed… almost like… they’ve been watching us. Like they know we are hunting them. Like they spied on us before and got a head start and know the government’s plans!

Meanwhile, the scientists have been taking portions of the one captured penguin’s DNA over and over again, until the penguin is weak and looks like a walking saggy bag of mush. They decide it is too risky to take more portions of DNA to dump into the toilet for no reason and though they really want to take another DNA portion, they remember they need the penguin alive. They call the government to try to make a deal. While talking over the phone with a government agent, one of the scientists says, “Yes. I know. But we need to keep this penguin alive. If you could just provide us with a small dose of blood from the penguin you will catch, or at least tell us where you find the penguins or most traces of the penguins, we could just manage to keep this penguin alive. It’d be so easy for you, with so little cost, we will pay shipping and handling.” The government agent, John Jackson, replies, “Yes. True, true. We could help you. It would not be very hard for us, but why am I wasting time talking to you? This isn’t even going to get us the smallest of profits. Just some manual labor we could use for ourselves.” The scientist, with the last name Johnson, thinks. What can I argue? He then says, “I say, If you help us, you will help us with research to make that machine you wanted, to talk and reason with the penguins. If you give us that penguin blood sample, that will be your own profit. Wasn’t it the government’s idea to reason reason with the penguins? Hmm?” The government agent replies, “You are right once again! I will go, umm, yes, tell my boss! Yes! He will surely agree with your, umm, deal…” The scientist is surprised, “Why do you suddenly agree? I thought we were arguing a minute ago!” The government agent asks, “Isn’t it better to have peace? I was thinking while we were talking. Let’s go with your deal and have arguing no more. We could meet each other, be friends.” The scientist is suspicious, but agrees, “True, peace is nice. But how can I trust you? You suddenly acted suspicious, I don’t know what to say.” The government agent laughs, “Me? A government agent? Acting suspicious? Sir, I work for the government. You can definitely count on me.” He chuckles a hearty laugh…

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